New Workout Routine? You Need CBD

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Whether upping your fitness game is a New Year’s resolution or natural progression in your routine, proper form and a recovery regimen are important for optimal results. That’s where CBD comes in. This beneficial cannabinoid helps with maintaining focus and also works to relieve achy joints and muscles.

How CBD assists proper form

Concentration and focus are key in maintaining proper form. CBD works within the brain to bind with the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin facilitates focus and productivity, while dopamine helps to boost focus and concentration. So, instead of a wandering mind during your third set of reps, you’ll be able to stay present and stay in form.

Proper form is important for avoiding injury, increasing the effectiveness of each movement, breathing correctly, conserving and directing energy and reaching personal goals.

We recommend a 25 – 50 mg dose of Auntie Dolores Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil 30 minutes before working out. Add our 750 mg CBD unflavored oil or our high potency 1500 mg CBD Cinnamon Spice flavored oil to a pre-workout beverage or apply directly under the tongue. Our dropper bottles offer the ability to personalize your dose based on your needs.

CBD for recovery

Have you ever tried to sit down the day after starting a new fitness routine? Ouch!! Your muscles are letting you know that they are being challenged. Get ahead of the discomfort by starting on CBD post workout. We recommend a one-two punch. For quick relief, massage Auntie Dolores Topical Cream into the large and small muscle groups featured in your workout (also great for easing chaffing). At the same time, add a dose of one of our oils to your post workout smoothie to help repair, restore, address discomfort and assist your body’s normal inflammatory response. Need extra support? Adding 25 or 50 mg of our convenient 25 mg CBD capsules to your recovery regimen can give you the boost you desire.

Auntie Dolores Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil is safe, non-toxic and non-psychoactive. That means you can enjoy all of the benefits of this amazing natural cannabinoid without feeling high or drowsy.

Questions? Concerns? Our customer care team is here to help! Feel free to reach out via our website, email us at [email protected] or call 707-992-0854 Monday – Friday, 9am- 5pm PT/Noon – 8pm ET.




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