In 2008, Auntie Dolores began creating infused gourmet foods in San Francisco ~ the birthplace of the medical cannabis movement. The name, conceived in Dolores Park, has significance beyond the person and the place. In Latin, Dolore means Pain, and as it would be Auntie Dolores is the remedy: Anti-Pain. We seek to improve the quality of life for health conscious cannabis consumers by providing broad access to safe alternatives and to educate the public about the therapeutic value of cannabis.

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Auntie Dolores

What customers are saying:

"Works like a dream! Helped me sleep better, calms anxiety and stress. Easy to use and small bottle fits in my bag."


"I’ve been giving the chews to my 11 year old English Bulldog for more than a year now for arthritis and hip dysplasia. She gets 2 chews every night to help her sleep better and to relieve pain. Obviously, she can’t tell me if its working however, she is sleeping through the night which is something she was unable to do before. When I give them to her she gobbles them right up without hesitation. She loves them. When I first ordered the product I called and spoke with a rep from the company. They were very friendly and helpful and truly want to help alleviate any suffering in our pets. This is the type of company I want to support and deeply appreciate that they put the science into a product that is so beneficial."


"CBD helps me with my pain and anxiety during the day when I have to be focused and on top of things. I prefer the gel caps because they are convenient, I can carry them in my purse, and they are easy to swallow. Thanks Auntie D!"