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Spending Memorial Day Weekend in The Great Outdoors? Remember to Pack CBD!

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After being cooped up inside for a year, more than 34 million Americans are planning road trips over Memorial Day weekend. For many, that means camping or glamping to mark the unofficial start of summer. For others, it’s an opportunity to visit the memorial of a loved one who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Whether your weekend plans include intimate get togethers in the backyard, family gatherings to honor loved ones at a park, or adventure time in the great outdoors, we recommend having plenty of Auntie Dolores Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products on hand.

Topical Cream

Seriously, don’t leave home without it. The CBD, olive and coconut oils combined with shea butter and aloe vera works wonders on bites, scratches, scrapes and a host of other skin irritations. The fast-absorbing, soothing cream also provides relief from sunburn and achy joints. Perfect for taking along on rugged hikes, applying while sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows, or for recovery after that game of horseshoes in the backyard.

Pro tip: save space in your backpack by using the cream for shaving and as a body moisturizer.

Oil Dropper Bottles

Begin your day with the tastiest cup of coffee you’ve ever made on an open fire by adding a dropperful of our 1500 mg cinnamon spice flavored CBD oil. Ideal before a meditative walk, as the CBD helps provide calm and focus. Prefer unflavored oil? We’ve got you covered with our 750 mg CBD oil.

Pro tip: share with the whole family to keep everyone relaxed!

Hand Sanitizer

We’ve all learned a whole lot about how important it is to wash away bacteria and germs from our hands. When soap and water aren’t available, Auntie Dolores hand sanitizer is the next best thing! Our formula includes CBD and coconut oil, which can help hands from drying out. In addition, the light citrus scent helps mask that icky alcohol smell.

Pro tip: in a pinch, hand sanitizer can be used to disinfect the steering wheel, phone case and other objects.

Questions or concerns? We’re here to help. Please email our customer care team at [email protected] or call 707.992.0854 Monday thru Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PT (noon – 8 pm ET).


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