How To Spoil Mom On Mother’s Day (And Everyday)

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Perfume, jewelry and fuzzy slippers all make fine Mother’s Day presents, but what could be better than a gift that does the body good? Of course, we’re talking about CBD! The Auntie Dolores line of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil products can help mom feel calm and relaxed, address discomfort throughout the body, promotes healthy joints, support a strong immune system and maintain the body’s normal inflammatory response. Basically, a full body hug!!

We recommend starting the day with a foot massage for mom. Our lightly scented Topical Cream, featuring shea butter, aloe vera and CBD, is non-greasy, soothing and absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft while addressing aches and discomfort.

Next, lovingly prepare mom brunch featuring her favorite foods. Make it extra special by adding a few drops of our cinnamon spice 1500 mg CBD oil to her freshly brewed coffee, tea, or cocoa.

By now, she should be feeling relaxed and ready for fun! What activities does she enjoy most – walking, hiking, tennis? Take along the Topical Cream for relief of achy joints or to apply to any skin irritations (bug bites, scratches, etc.).

Maybe she’s more of a shop ‘til you drop kind of woman. Our Hand Sanitizer is a must when venturing out in public. The fresh citrus scent is so much more pleasant than the strong alcohol odor of most hand sanitizers. Plus, the CBD helps keep hands from drying out.

Don’t have Auntie Dolores products on hand? Fear not – any day is a great day to spoil mom. From now through Tuesday, May 11th we’re offering 30% off the entire line on auntiedolores.com. Simply enter the coupon code MOMSDAY30 at checkout.

Here’s to a very happy Mother’s Day!

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