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Who is Auntie Dolores?

There is no actual Auntie. Dolores is a play on the Spanish word for pain, dolor, so Auntie Pain is the meaning of our name since all of our products are a fabulous relief for any type of pain.

Where can I purchase Treatibles, the CBD animal product?

Purchase Treatibles now direct through our website

Where is your company based and where are your products made?

Our company is based in Oakland CA right outside of San Francisco. We are proud to be in the first area to legalize medical cannabis. We make everything by hand and with love in our Oakland kitchen.

How long has the company been around and where did it start?

The company has been in business since 2007 and was founded by Julianna Carella in San Francisco. She first conceived of the idea for a healthy gourmet edibles company in Dolores Park in the heart of San Francisco.

What stands out about your products from your competitors? Why would patients choose to purchase your over others?

We handcraft each of our artisan, gourmet edibles with love in small batches in our kitchen in Oakland. Our delicious edibles cover a range of palette preferences for your patients that love sweet treats and those that are looking for something more savory. Our products are made with all kinds of dietary restrictions and dosage levels in mind so that every patient can find something to fit their needs in our line. With our edibles, one finds edibles that not only taste good but are actually good for your whole body. We believe food is medicine just as much as the cannabis. We are thoughtful about every ingredient and use only unrefined whole food ingredients that are beneficial to the body. We offer options that are vegan. Paleo, gluten free, non-gmo, sugar free, and low glycemic. For example we use coconut sugar instead of white refined sugars. We believe that edibles can be true medicine -and something that you ingest to heal your body shouldn’t have long-term damaging side effects. That’s why we craft all of our edibles with flavor and health always in mind for a truly gourmet medicating experience.

Do you ship your products out of state?

At this time our THC products are only available in CA. However our CBD-rich animal product, Treatibles are available for direct purchase and shipping nationwide through our website and our CBD brownie is available for purchase nationwide as well.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Our cut off time for shipping is 1:00 pm PST.

What is your highest potency product?

Our highest potency product is our Cheese Biscuits and Cocoa Sparkle Cookies. Both of these products have 200mg per canister and are available seasonally. Please contact us to find out to which dispensaries near you carry these two products.

How many of _____ (peanuts/pecans/pretzels/cookies/biscuits, etc.) equals one dose?

On every one of our packages there is a one dose serving size printed on the side. Each product is different. One serving equals 10mg for every product.

How long do I have to wait to feel the effects?

Edibles take 1 ½ to 2 hours to take effect. We recommend going low and slow. Everybody has a different tolerance level and tolerance for edibles is very different than tolerance levels for smoking, vaping, and other forms of consumption. We recommend starting with the lowest dose your first time trying our products to get a sense of your individual tolerance level. You can always eat more.

What form of cannabis do you use in your products?

We use Supercritical CO2 Oil in all our cannabis products. It is pure and of the highest quality. It also has the plant terpenes added back in for full plant medicine.

When will the Sparkle Cookies and Cheese Biscuits be available again?

These products are currently available in limited release in a handful of shops through out CA. Please contact us to find out where you can purchase and when they will be available at your favorite local dispensary.

How long will it take for me to receive my products once I've placed an order?

We process orders M-F and have a 24-48 hour turn around time. Please contact us directly for more detailed information.

How should I store your products?

Please store our products in an the interior packaged air tight plastic bag in comes in or in a Ziploc bag and make sure to completely seal the bag. Our products store best in the refrigerator and our brownies are best in the freezer. We recommend the freezer for long term storage of all our products.

How long is the shelf life?

All our products are preservative free so just like regular food products form the market you can expect a similar shelf life. If stored properly you can store for 6 months to up to a year in airtight Ziploc in the freezer.

I live in _______ city. Where can I find your products?

We currently sell our THC products all over CA, please contact us directly for a location near you. Our CBD brownie and CBD animal treats are available for shipping nationwide.

How can I ensure that your edibles haven't been tampered with before I get them?

We practice strict quality control with all our products. They are packaged in an interior airtight sealed Ziploc bag and the canister is sealed with two small rectangular stickers on the top. If the stickers or interior bag are broken please contact us immediately for replacement.

What do I have to do to become a member?

Please visit our website at and go through the steps of becoming a member of our collective. We will need an uploaded copy of your CA doctors recommendation and your CA drivers license as part of the process.

We are interested in carrying your products. How do we place an order?

We welcome new dispensary partners! Please email us at for more information.

Why do your products have a different dose than other edible brands?

When determining what one dose should be considered, we looked to Colorado and Washington for guidance. We recommend that all novice cannabis users start with 10mg THC or less and then titrate up with the product until they have reached the optimal experience. Since there is currently no universal standard for what constitutes one dose of THC in California, edible brands have varied on this point. We at Auntie Dolores recommend that when you are titrating, to track the milligrams of THC consumed. This will help you to learn more about your comfort-level.

What strains do you make your products with?

All of our products are infused with CO2 cannabis oil, made of blended, 50/50 hybrid strains. We want patients that favor Indicas or Sativas to be able to enjoy our edibles. We find by using a 50/50 blend we get a high range of cannabinoids and the effect is balanced.

How do you test your products?

We screen all of our products for microbiological contaminants and for their cannabinoid profiles. We test all raw material before products are infused with the CO2 THC oil and the CBD oil. We also test samples from our batches of all finished products. We test regularly to ensure consistency. All of our results are published on our website with their corresponding products on the products page.

Which lab do you test with?

CW Analytical

Can I see a copy of your lab results?

Our lab results are kept up-to-date on the individual product pages of our website. To find the results you are looking for, please visit:

Do your edibles have any CBD?

While all of our products often contain a minimal amount of CBD, CBN, CBG, and THCa, among various other cannabinoids, they are generally high THC edibles.

Do you produce any edibles that contain 500mg THC or more?

We no longer produce any edibles that are this potent. Our highest-potency products are now 200mg THC.

Out of concern for novice cannabis users, we have changed our packaging to be more self-explanatory to everyone that buys our products. We believe that you shouldn’t have to get special education to use cannabis – we want patients to be able to understand their appropriate dose on their own and no one should find out what “too much” is through consumption.

Do you have any CBD-only edibles?

We currently offer a delicious CBD Chocolate Brownie infused with 50mg of CBD. This product has less than .3% THC. This product is also vegan and low glycemic.

Where are your ingredients and nutrition facts?

Our ingredients are listed on the bottom of each canister and on each individual product page on our website.

Why are your products priced higher than many competing products?

We aim to produce the highest quality edibles. All of our products contain premium and organic base ingredients, which add to their flavor, quality, and healthfulness.

For example, pecans are a premium nut grown on small U.S. farms and are an excellent source of manganese, protein and unsaturated fats. Being such, they are a pricey base ingredient, making our Glazed Pecans a little bit more expensive than some of our other products. The flavor and health benefits of these nuts make the premium pricing well worth it for our customers. They have begun to garner quite a large following because they are a truly gourmet product.

Why didn’t you decrease the price of your Cheese Biscuits when the potency was decreased?

The Cheese Biscuits are a whole new recipe in our product line. Though they share the same name as their predecessor they are smaller, cheesier, less potent and altogether much more delicious. We now included more flavorful ingredients that are of the highest quality while providing the greatest health benefits and therefore also are higher priced.

All of our recent product changes were done in an effort to bring uniformity to our whole line. We now have uniform milligram amounts and prices for everything.

What is a Cheese Biscuit?

We changed the name of this product from Cheese Crackers to Cheese Biscuits to ensure that patient expectations were properly set. Patients consistently expected to find a Cheez-it when purchasing the old product. Though our biscuits are cheesy and delicious, they contain a subtler flavor, high quality ingredients, whole foods, and a slightly thicker texture.

Why did you lower the milligrams on all of your products while your prices stayed the same or increased? Are customers just paying for the new packaging?

There were only three products in our line that saw significant reductions in milligram content: the Chili Lime Peanuts, Cocoa Sparkle Cookies and Cheese Biscuits. Each of these products saw a decrease in their wholesale price to accompany the decrease in milligram content. The rest of our product line’s milligram content have been adjusted to round numbers (50, 100, 120 or 200 mg), ensuring more accurate dosages that are easier for those consuming our products to remember. For example, we reduced the Caramel Corn and Savory Pretzels from 127mg each to 120mg each – a reduction of less than 10mg. With these recent minor changes we now have a more consistent dosing and pricing structure for our whole line.

Why did you switch to this canister packaging? It’s more difficult to transport.

If you are familiar with our previous packaging, then you know that it was difficult to read and find the pertinent information, which was spread all over the bags. Our new packaging calls out the information that we feel is most important for patients to know. For example, the milligram content and number of doses are listed in large font right on the front of the canisters. Not only do these larger canisters allow for more information in an organized fashion, but they environmentally sustainable (completely reusable and recyclable) and prevent our products from being crushed and broken when patients choose to transport them. Before, our brownies would get squashed if you put them in a backpack or a bag. Now, they maintain their structure even when tossed around in transit. Before, our Pretzels would get crushed up quite easily, but now they remain whole. Not only is this important for ensuring a more enjoyable experience of the product overall, but it is crucial for patients that adhere to a precise dose.

Additionally, each of our canisters now features a airtight resealable ziploc bag on the inside. This helps to ensure a long-lasting shelf life and also makes all of our edibles more travel friendly! If patients feel that the canister is too bulky to carry around, they can simply remove the interior bag to take with them. Our canisters are also great for repurposing around your home or office for storage.

Why is your dose lower than other edibles companies?

There is currently no universally accepted or regulated “dose” in California. We have taken cues from Colorado, who determined that one dose is the equivalent of 10 milligrams of THC. This is starting to become the standard and we hope that it continues to be the case. Though we know that many patients require much more than 10mg, and might need 50mg for their “one dose”, we feel it is important to keep patients of all experience levels in mind when labeling products. For a first time cannabis user, 50mg of THC could feel overwhelming, and potentially frighten them away from utilizing edibles and cannabis altogether. We believe that edibles can be a really great form of medicine for many different types of patients, if they learn what dose suits them the best. 10mg is a good place to start.

A lot of patients look for Indica or Sativa specific edibles. Why do you choose to use hybrid strains?

All of our CO2 extracted oils are made with blended hybrid strains to give our products the best chance at having well-rounded cannabinoid profiles. By using hybrid strains we not only provide a product that can meet the greatest number of people’s needs but we see small amounts of CBN, CBG, THCV and even CBD show up in our test results. As believers in whole plant medicine, it’s important to us to see the greatest number of different cannabinoids possible in our edibles.

What sort of effect will your products have on patients?

It is difficult to say that our products will have one specific type of effect. All people respond differently to cannabis and different cannabinoids according to their individual physiology and needs. The feedback we receive is varied and very specific to each patient. Everyone’s physiology and the way they process edibles is going to be a little bit different from one another. What we can say is that cannabis produces a bi-phasic effect – meaning that if you eat a little bit and experience one type of effect, eating a lot will likely cause the opposite effect to occur. For example, when one person eats just one dose of our products they may feel sleepy and very relaxed overall. But when they eat two or more doses, they may become more energetic and engaged. These effects are, of course, going to be different for everybody, so it’s difficult to make any guarantees when answering this question.

How much of each product equals one dose?

As a feature of our new packaging, each canister says specifically how much of each product one should eat to achieve 10mg of THC. Sometimes the pieces of our products differ in sizes or sometimes there will be a little bit more of the medicated coating on one piece than another. Though this difference is quite minimal (+/- 1mg), we provide a range on the side of the packaging to cover this potential difference (ex. 3-5 pretzels = 1 dose). As a feature of our next round of packaging design in 2016, we will add on a line about how much each piece of a product equals (1 pretzel = 2-3mg of THC).

Why did you lower the mg's on your Sparkle Cookies and Cheese Crackers?

It came to our attention that many people using these products when they were 500mg were consuming too much THC and having bad reactions. We wanted to create a standard dose for all our products for one serving that reflected a responsible amount that any user, especially those new to edibles, or with any tolerance level could consume and dose easily on their own. We decided on a standard 10mg dose for each serving. In order to keep this standard uniform across all products these two products total mg were lowered. We also strive to craft delicious recipes that mask the flavor and cannabis. In order to achieve this we changed the recipes of these two products and lowered the mg so the flavor would be amazing and delicious in every bite.

Why are your Sparkle Cookies no longer gluten free?

We found that the recipe needed a better binding material and a unbleached unbromated flour that has gluten was the best solution.