How CBD Can Enhance Your Holidays

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Festive lights, glowing candles, home-baked goods, perfume and car ads on television – it’s definitely holiday season! Auntie Dolores understands that for many, that means equal parts joy and stress. So, we’ve put together some tips on how CBD can enhance your holiday experiences.

Family soiree

Attending or hosting a family gathering? Or maybe a video get-together? It’s better to witness a spirited discussion than to be the star. Add a dose of our tasty high potency 1500 mg CBD Oil with Cinnamon-Spice to your coffee, cocoa, hot toddy, or eggnog to help keep you deliciously calm and relaxed. Feel free to share the love! Add some to Grandma’s beverage (we won’t judge). She likes cinnamon, right?

No time for aches

Apply Auntie Dolores aloe, CBD, shea butter, coconut oil-rich Topical Cream to your feet before going for that post-holiday dinner walk. Not only does this lightly scented cream soothe and soften, it quickly absorbs into the skin to help instill an overall feeling of ahhhhh, making the walk even more enjoyable, no matter who joins you.

Planning on an in-home New Year’s Eve party with your roommates (a.k.a., family) or via video with friends? Before putting on that party dress, use the Topical Cream liberally as an aftershave cream to help heal nicks and calm the skin. Add to feet, as well, so you can dance the night away in comfort.

Safety for the season and beyond

Now an everyday essential, hand sanitizers are notorious for drying out the skin. Ours is different. The inclusion of coconut oil and CBD oil helps keep hands moisturized. The pleasant citrus mint scent is a bonus! Have plenty available in your home, purse/man bag and car this holiday season. It makes a great stocking stuffer, too (hint, hint).

Just say no to hangovers

Did you know that CBD supports the body’s normal inflammatory response, is recognized for its antiemetic properties (anti-nausea and vomiting) and addresses discomfort throughout the body? That’s why so many people turn to it after overindulging to help relieve a throbbing head and upset tummy, like long-time Auntie Dolores customer, Cassandra P. of California. “I’ve found that taking two or three of the 25 mg capsules before going to sleep helps me wake up hangover-free,” she said.

Another customer, Brandon P., also from California, shared his experience. “Relieving headaches and post-drinking anxiety are the main reasons I take two Auntie Dolores 25 mg CBD capsules the morning after too much celebrating,” he said. “The CBD also helps calm my upset stomach. For me, the capsules are a must to have on hand, just in case.”  

We encourage everyone to drink responsibly but also understand that it’s easy to get caught up in the merriment of the holidays (we’re looking at you, New Year’s Eve). This year, be prepared by stocking up on Auntie Dolores capsules.

Pets stress, too

The holidays can bring many changes to the home – moving furniture around, the addition of a Christmas tree, new scents, visitors and more. While some pets embrace these changes, others can feel like they’ve lost their territory. That’s where our sister brand Treatibles comes in. All products feature Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, which is an ideal way to help reduce stress and instill calm. Choose from Hard Chews, Soft Chewables, Capsules, a variety of Oil Dropper Bottles and Topical Cream. Learn more pet holiday safety tips here.

From all of us here at Auntie Dolores – we wish you happiness this holiday season and a wonderful and prosperous new year.


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