Why Fat Is Important For The Absorption Of CBD

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Most cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD), are fat-soluble compounds. This means that in order for CBD to be absorbed in the body, it must attach to a lipid (fat).

That is the reason why all Auntie Dolores products are formulated with organic MCT coconut oil. This antioxidant rich, tasty medium chain triglyceride is ideal for helping CBD absorb into the bloodstream.

The CBD in our 750 mg and 1500 mg dropper bottles begins to absorb through the mucosal membranes in the mouth. As the oil is swallowed, it also absorbs through the digestive tract. Anecdotal evidence supplied by our customers shows that benefits from the Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil are generally felt within 20 – 30 minutes. Our 25 mg CBD capsules travel through the digestive tract with the contents being absorbed through the small intestine and into the bloodstream. Because this process takes a bit longer, the benefits are generally felt within an hour. Of course, every person and circumstance is different. Each individual’s metabolism and whether the gut is full or empty can play a part.

A recent study showed that taking CBD after a meal also helps absorption. On a full stomach, it remains in the gastrointestinal tract longer and has more time to be up-taken by the body. If the meal is fatty, CBD basically hitches a ride and can get absorbed along with the fats.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Producers of water-soluble CBD oil claim that by transforming CBD oil to water-soluble oil, it is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. However, to create water-soluble CBD, it must be re-engineered in a laboratory.  Research on the absorption and efficacy of water-soluble CBD is in its infancy.

At Auntie Dolores, we are committed to providing Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil in all of our products. Full spectrum means that all of the natural compounds of the hemp plant are incorporated into the CBD oil, creating the Entourage Effect. This refers to the boost in the therapeutic benefits of CBD when working in unison with all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants and other natural chemicals found in hemp. Together, they produce a greater effect than CBD as an isolated compound.

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