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Think Cannabis Inhibits Memory? New Research Tells a Different Story

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Cannabidiol (CBD) Increased Blood Flow

In a new study from University College London (UCL) and published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, researchers found that cannabidiol (CBD) increased blood flow to the hippocampus, a key brain region responsible for emotions and memory. The study also revealed that CBD caused a significant increase in blood flow in the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain used for planning and decision making. This discovery may help clarify how CBD helps reduce anxiety and eases symptoms associated with memory loss.  

The randomized controlled study, funded by an award from the British Medical Association, consisted of 15 healthy young adults who had little or no history of cannabis use. Each person was given a 600 mg capsule of oral CBD or the same-size capsule of a placebo on different occasions, at least a week apart. Researchers measured blood flow to the hippocampus by using a special MRI technique that measures changes in the blood oxygen levels 


According to the study’s lead author, Dr. Michael Bloomfield (UCL Psychiatry)the results support the view that CBD has region-specific blood flow effects in the human brain, which had previously been disputed. He also said that there is evidence that CBD may help reduce symptoms of psychosis and anxiety and may improve memory function. This is because CBD changes how the brain processes emotional memories and may explain why it helps those experiencing symptoms associated with past trauma. 

Although the study did have limitations, Dr. Bloomfield also stated that the results can lead to further research on a range of conditions that are affected by how the brain processes memories. 

This is Exciting News!

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