Topical Cream

You may be familiar with the skin soothing benefits of our Topical Cream for bites, cuts, scratches, scrapes and burns, but did you know that it is also ideal for managing joint inflammation?

Simply apply a small amount of Auntie Dolores Topical Cream to the affected area and rub gently. Penetrating ingredients help the skin quickly absorb the non-greasy cream, which features our innovative Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil.

That’s when the endocannabinoid system (ECS) takes over, directing the cannabinoid rich oil to promote healthy joints, flexibility and the body’s normal inflammatory response, as well as repair and restore.

Calm & Ease

The bonus – as the superstar cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), guided by the ECS, makes its way through your neurological, immunological and physiological systems, it also helps create calm and ease. It’s like a mini spa day inside of your body!

Many people experience weather related joint issues. With chilly temperatures right around the corner, now is the time to prepare.

Instead of reaching for a stinky ointment or cream to ease joint discomfort, try our moisture and antioxidant rich, naturally scented Topical Cream.

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