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Glazed Pecans

100mg THC | 10 doses


Product Description

A truly gourmet and healthful treat. These versatile nuts work great in salads, dessert tarts or on their own. Five to six pecans equal a dose; just enough to satisfy guilt-free!

Key Benefits

Vegan | No Gluten | Low Glycemic | Paleo


Cannabis oil, pecans, organic coconut sugar, balsamic vinegar, organic coconut oil, water, chipotle powder, kosher salt, cayenne pepper

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Product Testimonial

“All of the ingredients blended together in a truly complementary way. The coconut oil made the pecans easily break down during consumption, which helped bring out the sweetness and spiciness of the other ingredients. Honestly, these infused pecans are the best tasting nuts I have ever eaten.” – CEO and Founder of Medical Jane, February 2015