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Cocoa Sparkle Cookies

200mg THC | 20 doses


Product Description

This special seasonal product contains mini cocoa bites made with cacao nibs, organic dutch cocoa and coconut oil for a delicious superfood experience. Made with turbinado and coconut sugars, these yummy chocolate treats are suitable for those with a low glycemic diet. *

Key Benefits

Vegan | Sugar Free


Cannabis oil, organic flour (unbleached, unenriched), organic coconut sugar, organic coconut oil, semi-sweet chocolate chips, organic dutch cocoa, turbinado sugar, pure vanilla extract, water, organic cacao nibs, baking powder, kosher salt

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*Please note: Serving size in nutrition facts is not an indication of THC dose. Please refer to dose information on product canister or on our website.

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Product Testimonial

“Auntie D gave me a delicious piece of chocolate which I was able to get three very impactful servings from and enjoyed every minute of them. So tasty and chocolatey and such a pleasant effect! ” – UptownGrowLab, May 2014